Volunteer Help Teaching Indonesia

Volunteer Help Teaching Indonesia

Fancy Volunteer Help Teaching Indonesia? We wish for volunteers to help teaching English to children ages 8 to 11, teenagers 16 to 19 years old, and even adults 20 to 25 years old. Provide an art and craft class to the kids, help with social projects (Recycling plastic bottles, Sharing about the environment, and cooking traditional dishes from your own country).

Stay Overview

Volunteer Help Teaching Indonesia– Quick Checks
Hours & Roster: 21 hours/week
What’s the Cost? We ask for $3/day to cover homestay accommodation and food
Selection process: Message us about your relevant experience, why you’d like to help with us & the dates you would be available. Prove to us that you’ve read through our profile & your profile must be complete (description and photo)

Tasks & Roles

My name is Faisal Amir. I am a founder of a local NGO in South Sulawesi Indonesia. I am really passionate about Teaching English as my second language and spreading environmental awareness for the locals. I live in Palopo nowadays because as I started my studies in one of the Universities in Palopo.

I originally come from Bajo which is one-hour driving from Palopo. I have been teaching for 4 years now, I started my teaching in 2012 when I was still 15 years old. After teaching for 3 years in one of the English classes in Belopa, last year I confidently opened my own English classes in my town Bajo because my two high school classmates Ucok and Iswan really wanted to study English but they couldn’t get any appropriate lessons at formal school. From this, I considered myself as a friend who knew bits of English and tried to share them some English lessons.

So, in August 2015, ” Ucok and Iswan to help me to build a bamboo class next to my house with very traditional materials. We worked for three weeks to build up then finally it’s done. Few days later, some friends of mine would like to join our school as well then finally there were fifteen students in first basic class. Luckily, two Spanish friends came and students were really happy because it was first time they met with the foreigners especially Ucok and Iswan.

When the Spanish friends arrived, then we considered them as our first volunteers. I, along with these two foreigners were discussing for our new school’s name. Finally we decided to name our school as “Our Chance”. In September 2015, “Our Chance” officially opened and recognized formally from the government. So, we welcomed some kids who came over and really wanted to study English then we could have four different classes with some different levels in Bajo.

Few months ago, a former volunteer from Japan was visiting us in Bajo. We were thinking to open a new school in Palopo and even it’s hard because everything is more expensive in Palopo rather than Bajo. We have to rent a house and pay for an annual payment. Finally Aki (The Japanese Girl) would like to donate us for the house rent. We couldn’t say anything for this. What we hope is we could open a great school in Palopo.

We also have an Environmental awareness class, where students and volunteers could share lots about how to live sustainable with healthy lives. We also do creatives recycling with plastic bottles such as crafts and planters. We try to convince people especially our students who come and learn to always keep the Environment. To achieve this we do some campaigns like going around our town in Palopo to show the locals to always keep the area clean.

We wish for our organisation to grow and still aim to unprivileged students and help them with these life essentials, not only in Palopo but hopefully throughout Luwu!

We wish for volunteers to help teaching English to children ages 8 to 11, teenagers 16 to 19 years old, and even adults 20 to 25 years old. Provide an art and craft class to the kids, help with social projects (Recycling plastic bottles, Sharing about the environment, and cooking traditional dishes from your own country). Teaching is required for 3 hours a day (maximum). If volunteers can help with painting, we wish they can paint our classes as beautiful as possible to provide a comfortable zone for students to learn.


Sleeping: We offer our guests a home stay located directly inside the house. The home stay is a simple room but is very comfortable for volunteers.

Linen & Laundry: Bed linen included. Laundry facilities available on site.

Eating: We can show volunteers around and give tips about the best traditional Indonesian food, we can also cook together sharing recipes and different traditional food. We ask our volunteers to contribute $3 a day to cover their food costs.

Transport: I can provide more details on how best to reach us on confirmation of stay.

What Else…

Amenities & Preferences

  • We also offer a Bahasa class if you wish to learn Bahasa Indonesia for you to improve your knowledge about our language.
  • Palopo is an excellent place for many varied activities. We usually go to the beach (Pantai Labombo which is 15 minutes driving from our home stay). There’s also a Datu Luwu (King of Luwu) Palace in Palopo and the oldest mosque in South Sulawesi also is in Palopo.
  • We have many hiking/trekking opportunities here where you can see the lovely landscapes and swim around the waterfalls. One of the most famous waterfall in Palopo is Latuppa waterfall. We live a short drive from Tana Toraja, the most unique tradition in South Sulawesi or known as ghost of Sulawesi. There you can do such a nice camping, visiting caves where you can only find human corps inside, etc.
  • We consider everybody who comes to our house as our family. We love sharing, cooking, laughing and even joking with each other. We are a Muslim family where people thought we might be so strict to others or do not appreciate others. We need to convince you that, we love peace, we understand the differences and we never think that we are different.
  • For us, everyone is equal. We treat everybody as our family and we would like to prove that living with us is like being immersed in our culture as valuable travelling that you never feel. We think that travelers here will have experience to remember, something that is so much different from what they are used to live at home. It’s your turn to feel and see it by yourself!
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